Pet Hair Removal Massaging Shell Comb

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šŸ˜ŗThis shell brush removes up to 95% of dead hair and tanglesĀ for your cat easily inĀ justĀ 5 MINUTES!Ā Get rid of tangles, knots, shedding, and mats in the most gentle way possible!Ā 

šŸ˜ŗĀ 2 IN ONE GENTLE MASSAGE DESIGN!Ā This comb comes in theĀ  2-in-1 designĀ toĀ massage your pets while de-sheddingĀ looseĀ fur at the same time!

šŸ˜ŗĀ Ā PROMOTE HEALTH AND SHINY COAT!Ā These shell brushes are perfect forĀ all fur types! Regular brushing and massaging can helpĀ improve blood circulation and relax their mindsĀ while ridding the loose fur to give them a shiny coat!Ā 

šŸ˜ŗĀ SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIAL!Ā This shell grooming comb isĀ made of durable high-quality material. Perfect for giving your pets a safe grooming experience!Ā 

šŸ˜ŗGENTLE CURVE TIP DESIGN!Ā This shell comb is designed with aĀ curvy tipĀ to give your pet a gentle combing that causesĀ zero pain or scratches!Ā 

Why brush your pet?

šŸ˜ŗRemoves dead skin cellsĀ comfortably!

šŸ˜ŗSpread the natural oils on their fur to improveĀ healthier fur

šŸ˜ŗGentle massage promotesĀ better blood circulation


šŸ˜ŗMaterial: BPA & Non-Toxic ABS

šŸ˜ŗSize:10cm/3.94" x 9cm/3.54" x 1.5cm/0.59"

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