Portable Kids & Pets Safety Door Guard

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Don't want your dog running around to every room of your house?
Do you want to train your dog for better behavior?

This pet gate is the most effective and convenient way to keep your dog from freely wandering around in the house. You can put it everywhere. It's perfect for doorways, between walls or stairwells and it can easily be moved when needed.

And now we have bigger sizes for big gates, doors, and stairways to keep your pets at home or in one room!

  • Suitable for many locations in your house: doorways, between walls, or stairwells, inside and outside.
  • See-through mesh fabric woven and able to withstand the abuse of pets.
  • Easy to install and relocate.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Suitable for children as well.
Each set contains a woven fabric, two stretchable poles, and four sticky hooks.


Unfold the fabric woven
  • Put two metal posts for the maximum length.
  • Locate these two poles on both sides of the gateway.
  • Fix the sticky hooks where you want to install the magic gate.
  • Hang the fabric woven on the four hooks.

Customer questions & answers:

1. Question: How do adults walk through the Door Guard?
Answer:We have ours hooked on one side both top and bottom. The other side just the top, so we unhook the top and swing open to walk in. 

2. Question: Will it hold against a large dog jumping on it, or running into it?
Answer:Our magic gate is very good quality and can block the passage of big dogs up to 100lbs.

3. Question: Have a 20indoor opening will this be too big for my opening?
Answer:No, it works with any size doorway that is smaller than the length of the door guard.

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