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Confine and transport your feline friend safely and easily with the  Cat Carrier. When someone has a secret to tell, they proverbially let the cat out of the bag, but this innovative device keeps your cat in the bag while you administer medicine or transport her in the car. Designed especially for cats, this 100% cotton bag is soft and roomy, with plenty of room for her to move around inside. A sturdy zipper runs the length of one full side and the bottom so you can easily wrap the bag around your kitty, rather than trying to get her to climb into a closed bag on her own. The soft fuzzy fastener collar wraps gently and securely around her neck so her head stays out of the bag to ease her fear of confinement.


  • Innovative cat carrier is the ideal alternative to a traditional hard-sided carrier; a zipper runs the length of one side and the bottom to quickly and easily wrap the bag around your cat.
  • 100% cotton bag is soft and roomy, allowing her to move and stretch inside of it while providing gentle, comfortable restraint.
  • Soft fuzzy fastener collar wraps gently and securely around her neck to keep her head outside the bag and ease her fear of confinement. "cat travel carrier"
  • Convenient handle becomes a shoulder-strap and a seatbelt loop for the car; easy to lift and move unlike most bulky, awkward pet carriers.
  • Zipper access also allows the vet or groomer to access your cat for exams, nail trims, etc. while the bag stays on; available in three sizes and three colors.

  • 2-IN-1: CAT CARRIER & GROOMING POUCH. Celirecool Pouch cradles them in comfort & help keeps them Calm.
  • SIZE & DURABLILTY: Each pouch is 24” X 14” & holds up to 14lbs of weight. The pouch is roomy allowing your cat to stretch & get comfy. Made with RIP-STOP material - 
  • EASY TO USE: Unzip Celirecool Pouch, bunch the fabric up near the collar, slip over your cat’s head, and zip Celirecool Pouch closed. For hesitant cats, please allow time for them to become familiar with Celirecool Pouch and introduce the product slowly and with care

  • SECURE & COMFORTABLE: Hook & loop collar is adjustable for the Celirecool fit! Easily tightened to secure your cat or loosen to take off. The pouch keeps them comfy & safe. "cat holder"
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Celirecool Pouch includes a convenient shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry your feline friend. The front paw openings make it easy to clip kitty’s paws. Unzip the pouch slightly to clip the back paws. The shoulder strap can be secured with a seat belt for safe car rids. WATER RESISTANT

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